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Shopping places in Mauritius

Mauritius built top of the range shopping places. Known for its textile industry, you will find there anything you need to complete your golf clothing.

Mauritius possesses many shops that have developed over the years.
In that way, the island has no less than fifteen shopping centres.

Main shopping centres in Mauritius :

Galerie des Iles}
First floor, Arcades Currimjee, Route Royale, Curepipe, Mauritius

Ebene Centre Commercial
Cibercity, Ebene, Mauritius

Route Royale, Grand Baie, Mauritius

Trianon Shopping Park
Rond point de St Jean, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

Phoenix Les Halles
Pont Fer, Phoenix, Mauritius

Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius
Autoroute N1, Bagatelle, Mauritius

Le Cadran waterfront
Le Caudan waterfront, Port Louis, Mauritius

Sunset Boulevard
Route Royale, Frand Baie, Mauritius

Cascavelle Shopping Mall
Flic en Flac Road, Cascavelle, Mauritius

Shopping places in Mauritius

The preferred by Mauritian (and the tourists) is without a doubt the Galerie des Iles. This shopping centre possesses a multiplicity of trendy shops in an unusual setting. You will also find crafts shops with reasonable pricing. The decoration of the place is polished and pleasant, ideal to spend a moment with the family or friends.

The one displaying the best layout for a stroll is the Trianon Shopping Park. Indeed, the latter is surrounded by greenery and it is delightful to wander around there. A must-see if you are travelling to Mauritius.

The Bagatelle shopping centre is beautiful and is the most recent centre in Mauritius. However, it is also often mentioned that it is unaffordable due to its location in the touristic area. Besides, you will mostly find luxury brand shops, which prices are not for anyone’s wallet.
Few local goods are sold there. The Bagatelle however offers a most pleasant surface to its visitors. Nonetheless, it does not seduce them as far as it goes.
The same can be said about Phoenix, even if its prices range is a bit lower, more interesting for the regular traveller.

Finally, the Ebene offers many local local products, which can be extremely alluring for tourists. The Ebene is often criticized for its small size ; visitors quickly feel tight inside. On the other hand, some will prefer this type of intimate frame.

Le Caudan

The spirit of Le Caudan Waterfront shows through the centre harmonious architecture – a perfect mix between historical buildings and modern architecture, as well as specific atmospheres from a building to another.
The Caudan Waterfront, located in Port Louis, is a shopping centre offering a concept unique in Mauritius. Since its opening in 1966, Le Caudan displayed top-notch know-how and undeniable expertise in commercial and leisure activities. In addition to being the best shopping choice, Le Caudan Waterfront also is a business centre, a melting pot for local artists, as well as a place of predilection for food-lovers, tourists and local looking for entertainment and leisure activities.

Shopping places in Mauritius

At Le Caudan Waterfront, one can meet his friends around a drink, hang out around the harbour, watch the latest film, listen to live music, enjoy a tasteful meal, try his luck at the casino, and admire artists’ works while shopping. Such dynamic and heterogeneous array of activities gives a very social atmosphere, typical from La Caudan.
Since its creation, Le Caudan undeniably demonstrated its wish to continually innovate and rejuvenate its offering, proving its capacity to adapt and take on the future with serenity.


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